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5 Tips to Mitigate Rise in Automated ITSM Service Cost

A vendor change may snatch all the advantages of ITSM automation gained from the provider. To generate more for less, aim for productivity improvement which translates into augmented performance.

In this article at TechTarget, Craig Wright explains how intelligent automation of repetitive tasks may help IT resources to focus on imaginative projects and greater value to the dynamic business environment.

Loss of Smart Automation Gains

If an organization decides to switch ITSM providers by the end, that may turn out to be a potential risk factor. Change in providers simply means loss of all the hard-won gains and rise in cost. Thereby, to address the risk of lost gains and to endure services, the IT firms need to address the following considerations and mitigate actions:

  • Level of Efficiency Achieved: At the time of contract execution, ensure documenting the baseline cost and service levels. This may also include the joint application of effective value realization tracking to maintain visibility of the organization.
  • Transferrable Efficiency: Gain clarity into the agreement regarding the ownership of intellectual property rights. Make sure it is transferable as part of an end of term sourcing to a competing provider.
  • Effective Transfer: The conventional disengagement services within market-aligned agreements will ensure the logical transfer of knowledge and crucial resources. Ensure that a new provider can apply the same level of knowledge and efficiency into the projects.
  • Risks of Transfer: Structure of the financial obligation matrix like the costs, risks, and mitigating actions for the transfer are exclusive. It is essential to structure it.
  • Benchmarking Term of Engagement: Ensure that the benchmarker embraces data regulation to address factors that might cover the true levels of efficiency. He must drive organic and inorganic growth commitments to constant productivity improvements and contributes to other buyer or ecosystem initiatives.

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