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Is Your IT Service Desk Moving with the Times?

The answer to this IT service desk question should be yes. If not, you need to address the gap in your performance fast. In this article at Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie discusses areas you need to reconsider to enable the IT service desk.

Probing Deeper

Businesses change their IT service desk requirements to cope with customer demands and industry developments. Mobile devices are in vogue today. You should be equipped to handle requests from all modern-day devices and adapt to emerging technologies and trends to stay relevant. Pay attention to the areas provided below:

Escalation Forums: Customers and end-users approached the IT service agents through phones and emails before. If you have not evolved from these services, it is time to broaden the scope. Enable your customers to reach through instant messaging, social media forums, self-service portals, and AI-based chatbots. The employees, too, can resolve in-house issues leveraging the same facilities.

Customer Assistance: The communication between customers and the IT service desk was quite technical. Businesses considered IT as a back-office department that is meant to keep the lights on. New technologies enabled the top management to track how the IT service desk resolves tickets and deals with customer requests. Transparent processes and better user interfaces give a clear picture of how the agents solve issues. Now, organizations want the IT service desk to address issues keeping in mind the business goals.

Consumer Satisfaction: Businesses need to thrive by continually updating themselves according to market developments. If your IT service agents cannot meet the requirements of the customers, your competitors will lure them away from you. Avoid losing lucrative contracts to shadow IT by being open to feedback and new capabilities. Measure your performance regularly and conduct reviews to evaluate IT service desk alignment with the organization’s strategies.

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