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What 3 Skills Make PMO Directors Invincible?

Organizations usually make experienced project managers their PMO directors, but do they have the required skills? There is a common misconception that managers can handle this post well without any additional training. Why do projects fail even under a PMO then? In this article at Strategic Execution, Kik Piney discusses the 3 skills that will make PMO directors invincible.

Under the Leadership of PMO Directors

Apart from good experience in project management, PMO directors need some extra skills to do their job well. Following are the top 3 skills they can acquire:

  1. Business Acumen: While project managers should have excellent people management skills, the PMO directors would require business acumen. The PMO team must get approvals from higher management. To smoothen the process, the directors must build a good rapport with the business owners. Though not all PMO perform the same functions, business knowledge is necessary to stay afloat in the game.
  2. A Good Salesman: Your sale is as good as your advertisement. You have a business when you can create a need for the services you are providing. PMO directors must sell the benefits of having a project management office well. Also, if they want to introduce new project management practices, processes, etc., they should pitch them tactfully.
  3. Ability to Lead with Determination: PMO directors must know how to lead. They should have answers for the following questions to be adjudged a great leader:
  • Do they know how the future of PMO is shaping up? Are they able to articulate that in simple words?
  • Are they doling out orders or guiding people with assignments?
  • Do they stay updated on the latest buzz in the industry?
  • Do they follow what they preach to inspire people?
  • Have they encouraged people to work as per their ability and not overdo or underdo it?
  • Do they care about the workforce under them?
  • Do they have a likable personality?

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