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Data Governance: The Key to Achieve Desired Results

Many organizations struggle to achieve desired results from their analytics project due to the trouble caused by its core element—Data Governance.

In this article at Datanami, Alex Woodie suggests that without building and implementing a data governance strategy, organizations will continue wondering why their projects fail.

Right Data Governance

The big firms can afford to hire Chief Data Officers (CDOs) to administer data governance while the position is rare at smaller firms. Placing the right people at the right place is one of the most appropriate aspects of data governance that smart firms do. Here are some essential tips to help you build a lasting data governance framework:

  • Starting Small: The biggest mistake organizations often make is trying to implement governance across the venture. To avoid goof-up, organizations must slowly implement a governance strategy across one domain. If succeeded, gradually implement the governance strategy in other areas.
  • Catalogs: Catalogs are the new sensation as they provide access to a huge amount of data. Organizations broadly adopt them to make a strong connection between data catalog sales and governance. Catalogs are critical for controlling data access that is yet another aspect of governance not to be ignored. This means catalogs can help in giving a logical view of the database of the organization that may last in rational databases.
  • Federating Governance: In a bid to maintain a certain element of centralized control over data that exists in a most decentralized manner, organizations need federating governance. Failure in a centralized data model may lead to inevitable results and risks. That is why there should be a mechanism and governance framework to integrate data governance.

Many people associate data governance with regulatory compliance like GDPR, but not as something that adds value to the project. However, as organizations continue to struggle with analytics, they realize the need to step back and redesign their data strategy. By implementing a revised data strategy with a good governance plan, the success rate of the projects increases significantly. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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