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COBIT 2019: All You Need to Know About the IT Management Framework

COBIT 2019 is more flexible than its previous version, according to ISACA. First developed and released in 1996, the IT management framework has undergone several alterations. In this article at CIO, Sarah K. White articulates COBIT 2019 with comprehensive details.

Learning to Leverage COBIT 2019

COBIT 2019 looks after the developments, technologies, and safety measures of modern businesses. It works seamlessly with other IT management frameworks like ITIL, CMMI, and TOGAF. The similarity of all these frameworks is in ensuring IT is in line with business objectives.

COBIT is more about security, managing risks, and information governance. Meanwhile, COBIT 2019 is focused more on managing and governing enterprise IT. So, ISACA is planning to keep the framework open for modification whenever needed.

“COBIT 2019 product family and training is open ended. ISACA will continue to evaluate the development of future training modules based on feedback and market need.”


Here are the details of the new framework:


  • Emphasis on core areas and design aspects for better governance
  • Focus on compliance with global guidelines, approaches, and best practices
  • Flexibility to update according to world standards
  • Regular checkpoints ‘on a rolling basis’
  • Extension of support to organizations related to guidance and applications
  • Improvement of IT performance measurement tools and syncing with CMMI
  • A better approach to the decision-making process


Introduction and methodology: It introduces the principles and structure of COBIT 2019.

Governance and management objectives: It discusses the primary model. The chapter describes forty governance and management goals and how they help your enterprise align with them.

Design guide: Customize your governance framework based on your organizational needs using this element.

Implementation guide: Once you have formed the framework, it guides in implementing the design.


  • COBIT 2019 enables practicing professionals to send feedback.
  • While offering you standard guidelines, it also encourages businesses to tailor the framework according to the requirements. It works well with ITIL, ISO/IEC 2000, and CMMI as well. The modern framework also supports local standards and government policies.
  • The top management gets a better picture of how technology can serve to fulfill company objectives. You can rationalize the ROIs of IT projects leveraging the framework.


  • COBIT Bridge Workshop: Learn the basics of COBIT 2019 and how it differs from COBIT 5 in a one-day gathering.
  • COBIT 2019 Foundation examination: The two-day certification course guides you well to sit for the exam.
  • COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation examination: Started in April 2019, the certification course helps you design a governance framework that fits perfectly with your company.

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