IT Governance

The Rules and Legislations IT Service Providers Abide by

IT governance complies with the rules and legislations of IT service management. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) emphasizes on using governance as a crucial part of IT service management. In this article at Master of Project Academy, Guy Rivera explains that IT governance applies to all stages of the ITIL lifecycles. Be it ITIL service strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement, management, ITIL is required all the time.

What’s the Correlation?

Good governance applies to all the stages of the ITIL service lifecycle. It helps in establishing links between authority, responsibility, and communication to empower people. Responsibility is being accountable for a specific task. Authority is the power to influence behavior, while communication is the seamless flow of information. Good governance helps in measuring and controlling procedures to help people understand and carry out their roles and responsibilities efficiently.

Key Governance Forms

ITIL ensures the processing of three essential kinds of governance. Let’s take a look:

  • Enterprise Governance: It ensures compliance with rules and strategies to align critical business functions. For example, if an organization wants to maintain a record of the past five years of consumers’ activities in its archive, it must comply with enterprise governance.
  • Corporate Governance: It symbolizes impartiality, clarity, and accountability. For instance, if there is an open position in the hierarchy, the organization openly shares the news with the staff. Even the human resources department can post the opening over an internal portal for the employees to apply. Corporate governance complies with these internal rules of the organization.
  • IT Governance: It ensures accurate implementation of the company policies and strategies. IT governance signifies leadership, organizational structures, and processes to support IT strategies and goals of an organization. It complies with the rules and legislations of IT assets and services.

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