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Tips for Establishing an IT Steering Committee for IT Governance

IT steering committees, often known as ITSC, are a vital part of an organization as they prioritize, review, and monitor IT projects from a cross-functional viewpoint. A steering committee may already exist within your organization. However, a steering committee specific to IT is something new. In this article at Computer Economics, the author explains why IT steering committees are crucial for IT Governance. “The IT steering committee is a foundational practice for IT governance. However, just having a committee in name only does not satisfy the criteria for this IT management best practice. It should be established officially, with defined roles and responsibilities, and meet regularly,” explains the author.

What Researches Say?

Today, many businesses have ITSC, but only a few of them are effective. According to several researches, nearly 88% of CIOs believe that the process and structures of the governance in their organizations are ineffective. Furthermore, these CIOs consider ITSC as an important glue in the overall IT governance practices. ITSC helps in decision-making, especially those related to review and approval of key technology-related initiatives.

Now, let’s look at some best practices that organizations can follow to improve their IT governance.

Tips for Establishing Best IT Steering Committees

Consider Organizational Priorities

IT governance body’s vital function is to ensure that IT priorities align with the preferences of the organization. Every member of the governance body must have an in-depth and clear understanding of organizational priorities. The members of the steering committee must address the larger organizational needs rather than the specific ones.

Establish a Committee Charter

Lack of appropriate structure and key process can lead to failure of ITSCs. Therefore, documenting the charter is one of the important steps when initiating a steering committee. The charter assists in shaping the overall governance structure, roles of the committees, its process, and ensure that the committee continues to be effective. Additionally, the charter provides the purpose of the committee, key roles and responsibilities of its members, the scope, governing documents, and ongoing deliverables.

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