IT Governance

Are You Ready for The Transition to Information Governance?

Information governance is more than the latest business buzz. It is a holistic way of managing a comprehensive series of policies that increases productivity, mitigates risks, and lowers cost. Today, many organizations are focusing on the business profitability and agility benefits of effective information governance. In this article at Arma Magazine, Steve Weissman discusses how to adapt and expand governance to all your organization’s information – regardless of its data type, department, format, delivery medium, and location.

Going Beyond Record Management

Discipline is the Key

A well-functioning information governance provides you with a structured, simple, and automated organization of work. Besides, it preserves information, allows access only for the persons entitled, and offers its users with opportunities to analyze and process information. You can achieve this discipline by identifying information that is valuable enough to be managed and reducing the amount of unstructured information. Does it sound like a lot of record management? These are the same discipline we utilize when managing our records. “The task before us is to apply these to all of the rest of our information,” says Steve.

Support from Higher Up and Lower Down is Essential

The management must inform every employee about disorderly shared folders, ad hoc retention, and casual file sharing. Additionally, establish a cross-departmental steering committee to develop new modes of operation. Highlight the information usage, ownership, and security in every discussion. Every employee must have a clear understanding of why treating information is a valuable business asset.

One of the significant benefits of the IT governance model is to align your IT strategy to support the goals of your enterprise. The governance framework implemented in your organization will help you assess progress and track ROI and metrics. To read the original article, click on

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