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Why Does Your Company Need ISO 27701?

Choosing a contract manufacturing supplier for your company is a critical decision. When selecting a vendor for your business, your organization’s credibility and reputation are also at stake. This demands you to be highly selective when choosing a vendor – you need objective validation that a vendor’s business is run effectively. It is here that ISO 27701 plays a crucial role.

In this article at CSO, Michael R Overly explains how ISO 27701 offers a comprehensive set of controls for information security and protection of personal information.

What Does the Standard Covers?

ISO 27701 provides specific requirements and guidance for establishing, maintaining, implementing, and improving a Privacy Information Security Management System (PIMS). “It requires organizations to understand the particular context in which they process personally identifiable information (PII) and adjust the particular set of controls and related implementation of those controls in a way that is appropriate to their processing activities,” says Michael.

Does Your Company Need ISO Certification?

Conforming to ISO standards has many benefits for businesses. It

  • Improves system and process efficiency by conducting a data mapping of the PII collected by the organization.
  • Boosts credibility in the eyes of your customers by reviewing and updating privacy policies and further, ensuring they contain the required information.
  • Saves time and money by identifying and solving recurring problems.
  • Develops policies and procedures applicable to the organization’s role.

What Are the Applicable Requirements?

  • Analyze Risk: Organizations must conduct a privacy risk assessment to determine PII processing risks.
  • Confidentiality: Individuals authorized to access PII must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Record keeping: Organizations must maintain a record of PII processing activities.
  • Internal processes: Organizations must implement various procedures and policies, such as response plans for breaches of PII.

Why Should You Implement ISO 27701?

Irrespective of the size of your organization and whether it is a processor or controller of PII, you must pursue an ISO 27701 certification. Today, across the globe, lawmakers, and regulators are increasing new laws governing the use of data, especially PII. The ISO 27701 standard provides a comprehensive approach to planning, implementing, and documenting an organization’s approach to data privacy world-wide.

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