An ITIL Primer for the Holidays


Much like Santa Claus, ITIL is really fat, a challenge to get to know, and yet still extremely popular. There are plenty of ways to learn more about Santa, as chronicled in historical records like Tim Allen’s The Santa Claus. Starting points with ITIL are not always as intuitive. Ian ...

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8 Tips for Managing Outsourced Projects


Instead of thinking about how dangerous bad communication is to a project, think about how wonderful good communication is! A project’s success is all but guaranteed when everyone is in the loop and informed on what is taking place. In an article for, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff elaborates on manners ...

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Stop Hurting Your IT Operations!


Lackadaisical attitudes toward service operations have bigger repercussions than IT might realize. And trying to fix the wrong problems can make things even worse. In an article for, Joel Pomales identifies some of the ways that IT might be inadvertently getting masochistic. Why Are You Hitting Yourself? As Pomales ...

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