Seizing Opportunity: The Current State of ITSM


Overview: A CIO’s Priority There is no denying that businesses worldwide run on applications and data. However, the success quotient of any business relies on its IT infrastructure and network as they support and carry the applications that represent the essence of an organization. Thus, keeping these things up and ...

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People / Process / Technology: What Is the Best Fit for IT?


Process and / or project design comprises three basic components: people, processes, and technology. This dichotomy often leads practitioners to think of developing projects and processes like a three-layered cake. Mika Salo, at his How to ITIL blog, argues that these components are not like layers, that they can’t be ...

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Why You Need a Project Governor


Pretty much everyone in the enlightened masses understands the value of project management these days, but project governance’s equal value often goes unstated. In an article for, Randy Rayess suggests adding a “project governor” role to a project, functioning in a parallel capacity to the project manager. Is this ...

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5 Ways to Change Change Management


Seventy percent of change programs fail, which means change needs to change. In an article for McKinsey & Company, Boris Ewenstein, Wesley Smith, and Ashvin Sologar highlight five areas where change management can be digitized to maximize gains. Digital dashboards and personalized messages are just some of the ways that ...

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3 Tips to Optimize Sponsor Relations and Strategic Alignment


Alignment is everything, and it all starts with the sponsor. Communicating with sponsors is a linchpin of portfolio management according to David Wakeman in a post for Voices on Project Management. If your project matches your strategy, then it’s on to bigger and better things. Wakeman offers three tips to ...

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IT Change Management or Blame Management?


As anyone who has ever been disappointed with a software update can attest, not every change is a good one. When change goes bad though, answering the question of “How did this happen?” can too easily turn into “Who can we burn at the stake for this?” In a post ...

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4 Tips for Perfect Project Selection


In life, as in project portfolio management (PPM), there may be times when we make poor decisions that cost a lot of money and waste a lot of time. In retrospect, these misplaced management calls appear ludicrous, though they probably seemed “sensible” or “inevitable” at the time. In a post ...

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Why You Should Do Less Incident Management


Revenue funneled to IT service is supposed to be transformed into value through innovation insights. But oftentimes, as Joe the IT Guy laments, it just gets sliced up (pie-style) into three big chunks – equipment cost, employee pay, and vendor contracts: What do the customers of IT get in return ...

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5 Things That Should Be on Every CAB Agenda


You’ve got your business and IT folks assembled to approve, assess, and prioritize change requests. Knowing full well that this is the most important thing an ITSM-focused outfit can do, you feel the pressure to get it right. Well, fear no more, since Greg Sanker makes available the five essentials ...

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