The Mindset for Succeeding with ITIL


ITIL is the Death Star of service management solutions—enormous, comprehensive, and prone to some problems setting up. To make the best of ITIL, and to prevent it from blowing up in your face, you need to approach it with the right mindset. In a post for All Things ITSM, Michelle ...

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6 Ways to Get More Resources for IT


Is IT an underfunded, underappreciated element of an organization? CIO Jonathon Feldman boils down this problem in an article for InformationWeek to uncover why IT is lacking the resources and support needed to transform into a well-regarded asset. Stages of IT Acceptance The first imperative element to help diagnose the ...

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How Do You Fine-Tune the Change Management Process?


Change is the only constant. Modifications are normal and are often pushed frequently; however, more than two-thirds of change management efforts fail. Pearl Zhu explores how to effectively implement adjustments to the plan, as well as how to communicate these new alterations with employees. Softening the Push to Change The ...

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12 Bad Habits that Slow IT to a Crawl


You never see a sports team with a sloth or a snail as the mascot. That is because people seldom want to celebrate slowness. In an article for InfoWorld, Bob Lewis identifies a whole dozen bad habits IT has picked up that are slowing it down. Once you address these ...

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Incident Management Basics Still Matter


No matter how sophisticated technology and solutions become, the same basic principles will always underlie them. In IT service management, good incident management practices will always be at the heart of much larger processes. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy reiterates the basics of incident management ...

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10 Ways IT Can Use Self-Service


We live in a self-serve world. ATMs, self-checkouts at the grocery store, and even enterprise IT. As Mary Shacklett contests, IT is constantly adding new technologies, but is seldom adding additional staff. The solution: more technology, of course! In an article for TechRepublic, Shacklett lists 10 ways that IT is ...

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