7 Questions to Ask before Implementing ITIL


ITIL is a bear to implement. Everybody knows that. In order to truly succeed with it, IT needs to understand which parts of ITIL to implement, as well how to best customize it to their existing situation. In an article for CIO.com, Sharon Florentine shares seven questions that can help ...

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The IT Service Catalogue: What’s on Your Menu?


Mohammed Arshad writes in an article for ServiceManagers.org on how to get the most out of your “menu,” the IT service catalogue. While an IT service catalogue might remind one of the menus handed out at restaurants, it is more than an enticing picture and a brief description of what ...

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Building Your ITSM House


A finished ITSM implementation is an incredibly gratifying accomplishment. But like building a house, there’s a general procedure that must be followed. After all, you wouldn’t build the roof before you’ve even laid a solid foundation! Joe the IT Guy, an ITSM construction expert of sorts, discusses the process of ...

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7 Factors of Good Project Governance


Good project governance is the difference between crossing a desert with or without a map and compass. Governance sets the barriers and the channels for assistance. It demystifies. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin shares seven factors of good project governance: You have a sponsor. You ...

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Smart ITSM: 5 Things You Need to Know


What is “Smart ITSM”? It’s a way to maximize the benefits of the ITSM software tool through powerful workflow, software automation, and better APIs. It adds a layer of improvement on top of the already common software tooling for things like incident, request, problem, change, etc. In an article for ...

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How ITIL Can Help Cloud Services


The cloud has made technology services cheaper, without question. ITIL is the perennial darling service management framework that (most) people enjoy applying to their organizations. In an article for Network World, Branimir Valentic explains how the cloud and ITIL can join together for one of the most effective IT relationships ...

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5 IT Governance Myths to Break


Many of us tend to think of “governance” as an opaque thing, too densely complicated to comprehend whether discussing IT or the government. But at least when it applies to IT, there a few central pieces of logic we can follow to unravel the mystery. In an article for ServiceManagers.org, ...

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