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10 Ways CIOs Can Run IT like a Business

We all know by now how restrictive and damaging it can be to work in silos. However, it is possible to run a business unit like IT as if it were a business without making it a silo. In an article for InformationWeek, Craig Williams, CIO of Ciena, discusses 10 …

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Nothing Matters More Than Continual Improvement

They say that change is the only constant when it comes to technology, but the other constant you should be banking on is the constant improvement of people, process, products, and partners. In a post for Valorize IT, this push towards constant improvement is discussed. Better and Leaner Staying relevant …

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Why Do We Overcomplicate IT Service Management?

There is a difference between an incident, a major incident, and a problem, but what exactly is this difference? Professionals too often struggle to classify obstacles when they arise. In a post at his website, Joe the IT Guy discusses the ways IT service management becomes overcomplicated and tries to …

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7 Lessons Learned to Get Continuous Delivery Right

Business and IT only run at one of two speeds anymore: fast and purposeful, and fast and reckless. Managing the difference between purposeful and reckless comes with some initial scrapes and bruises. In an article for InformationWeek, Russell Smith, CTO of Rainforest, shares the lessons he and his engineers have …

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Killing CAB with Standard Changes

Are you annoyed with the persistent Change Advisory Board (CAB)? You are not alone. It is actually seemingly more common for professionals to view CAB as a nuisance rather than a benefit. In a post for ITSM Transition, Greg Sanker explains some key ways in which to bypass CAB altogether. …

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