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The Value of IT Outsourcing in Hard Data

What Is IT Outsourcing? IT outsourcing is a well-known practice of subcontracting to third parties the responsibility to manage all or part of an organizational IT function. This allows the main organization to focus on the core business functions. Meanwhile, the service contractors work efficiently on areas that might have …

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What Will Make Your Development Run Faster?

What is most important for an IT service provider to deliver today? Traditional IT seeks to maintain the status quo and keep things stable, but there is a push more now than ever for things to be delivered rapidly. In a post for Valorize IT, this push for hasty delivery …

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7 Tips for Managing an IT Outsourcing Contract

Ambiguity is often a good thing in art; it is enjoyable to interpret a painting or the ending of a novel. But in business, ambiguity is the devil, and it can tank operations. Especially when it comes to IT outsourcing contracts, specificity is the goal at all times. In an …

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Third-Party Governance Styles Based upon Contract Objectives

Governance is a skill that in many companies has not fully developed into a key process to optimize its relationship with third-party providers. Outsourcing relationships can generally be characterized into four types, as depicted below: Key to developing a relationship with a provider is to identify the type of relationship. …

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4 Tips to Get the Most from Managed Service Providers

Outsourcing happens not just because it is cheap, but often because it is more effective. But what makes all the difference in working with managed service providers is if the relationship is being properly maintained. In a post for AXELOS, Charlotte Morison outlines how businesses and providers can function as …

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The Road to Feedback Is Paved with Good Intentions

The acquisition of feedback is well-intended. However, the information sought is not always retrieved in the right ways, creating a road full of bumps and potholes that does not deliver what you really wanted. In a post for Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie explores how to more effectively utilize the …

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