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The Culture of Sharing: New Learning for Service Management Staff

What is the foundation for performance of an organization? The people in the organization, and their capabilities, are the greatest asset and indicator of performance success. In a post for IT Chronicles, Michelle Major-Goldsmith elaborates on the importance of continuous learning and sustainable knowledge for those working in service management. …

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5 Tips to Master Knowledge Transfer & Develop IT Skills You Don’t Have

Very few IT departments are fully staffed with every skill they would like to have. Most organizations just choose to live with this problem, but there are more proactive strategies to consider. Chiefly, there is knowledge transfer, the non-boring cousin of knowledge management. Knowledge transfer involves IT managers working with …

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State of Information Governance 2016 Report

Information is at the heart of all businesses, and every year the data is growing larger and more complex. This influx of information requirements has made it necessary for organizations to have effective information governance programs. In the Veritas State of Information Governance Best Practices survey, information governance programs were …

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