4 Aspects of Great IT Leadership

It is no secret that a successful company needs to have great leadership backing it. It is also not a secret that companies need to have great technology backing them, which means they need phenomenal CIOs. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores what defines great IT leadership. There are four areas of expertise that every IT leader needs to master:

  1. Show the business how brightly IT shines.
  2. Focus on honesty, pragmatism, and direction.
  3. Allow the strengths of the IT team to shine.
  4. Utilize skills to motivate.

Aspects of Greatness

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the best leaders is confidence. Leaders need to have confidence in what they are doing, themselves, and, most importantly, their team. CIOs must show the company that they believe in what their team does, and that is why the company should believe in them.

Leaders need to be able to focus on honesty, pragmatism, and direction simultaneously. All three of these are equally important and deserve an equal emphasis of attention. It is just the most practical way to do business.

The IT team is talented and more than capable of handling their job well, and great leaders need to allow for this to come through. Actions speak louder than words, and the best way to show the world why IT and their innovation is so great is to simply show them.

The best IT leaders are able to transfer their IT-centric skills to inspire more from their team. They are right there with their team working hard, and if something goes awry, they are willing to take equal blame. Leaders can often become public figures heads and be powerfully associated with the company. Take Steve Jobs for example. IT leaders need to be mindful of this and help peers throughout the organization meet their own objectives.

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