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How to Conquer Recruiting, Retention, and IT Skills Challenges

Technology is the driving force behind businesses today, and because of this, IT is more important than ever. This importance has driven the demand for quality IT candidates to increase across all industries. In an article for CIO magazine, Rich Hein explores expert advice on how to attract and retain IT talent in such a competitive market.

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The good news for IT professionals is that their unemployment rate is still below the national average. The bad news is for companies, because they have a smaller pool of candidates to select from. Additionally, with more jobs than employees, IT professionals are free to move between jobs with less risk. There is expected to be an increase in IT freelancers because employers are seeking to fill gaps in areas like security and analytics.

If companies want to attract the right people and keep them in their company, then they will need to change how they market themselves to potential employees. This could include making improvements on how they use social media, as well as portraying why they are a great place to work. Today’s potential employees hold information about companies and can make better decisions about where to work.

Instead of continuously seeking potential new talent, companies could invest in the employees they already have. Having excellent training programs not only supports effective talent management, but it additionally helps with employee retention. Employee turnover is a huge cost to any company, and reducing turnover should be made a priority, especially because the IT employees hold the power in today’s market.

Creating an inviting, inspiring culture is what can help attract and retain the right employees. When there is an exceptional corporate culture, the word spreads quickly, and talent comes to the company. Flexible work options have likewise become the norm in the IT industry. Not only do these ultimately benefit the employee, but the company itself reaps the benefits. This is a great point to market to potential employees and helps with attraction and retention.

Another point companies need to be mindful of is that the workplace is becoming multi-generational. Different generations value different things, and this means leaders need to be more aware of their teams.

In the upcoming year, there will be a higher demand for certain tech skills. Experts believe that some of these sought-after skills include:

  • Desktop support
  • Cybersecurity and information security
  • Big data
  • Developers
  • Architecture
  • Project management capabilities
  • Cloud adoption

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