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VeriSM, A New-Age Service Management Method

VeriSM is a service management method that is “value-driven, evolving, responsive, integrated.” Unlike ITSM, it allows any company to provide customer services by using industry best practices. This approach makes sense as new technologies will enable any organization to provide IT services in this digital age. In this article at, Saad Mousliki talks about VeriSM in details.

About VeriSM

VeriSM is not here to replace any of the current methods or associated technologies. This method utilizes existing frameworks and helps organizations to ride the digital transformation tide. The International Foundation of Digital Competencies (IFDC) has come up with this technique which helps you to exercise governance on every activity taking place in the company. It is value-driven, result-oriented, and focused on company objectives.

Principles It Runs On

VeriSM principles are derived from the company vision, mission, and purpose. These principles are applicable to IT as well as rest of your company. You can incorporate the core rules and regulations of the company as well. Develop the management mesh when you first adopt the technique. It is flexible to incorporate any updates from the market in terms of “resources, environment, emerging technologies, and management practices.”

Four Stages of Operations

The VeriSM method works in four stages. At first, you draw a service plan of the services or products as per the client requirements. Next, you go ahead with the development, testing, and executing the service or products based on the plan. The third stage is an ongoing process of maintaining and updating the products or services. The fourth stage includes conducting surveys, collecting customer feedback, and responding to the queries.

Learn More About VeriSM

VeriSM was globally launched in 2017 through webinars and conferences. You can earn the current entry-level VeriSM Foundation certification. Advanced courses—VeriSM Professional and VeriSM Leader—are going to be available from the latter half of 2018. Training and certification courses are made available to you in collaboration with APMG, BCS, and EXIN. The author has included resource links for your perusal.

Points to Be Noted

VeriSM is not replacing the current available ITMS models or technologies. The approach supports organizational oversight rather than limiting the applicability to IT departments only. It also offers enterprises the flexibility to follow the most suitable practices for product or service delivery.

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