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Why Does Your Business Need IT Governance?

Majority of the IT professionals have heard about IT governance but very few know about its utility. It is important because of the role it plays in governing the organization by providing standard procedures to conduct business. In this article at AvePoint, Nathan Budryk discusses why your business needs IT governance in the first place.

Role of IT Governance

IT governance is a business structure that ensures that the IT business cases are in line with your company strategy. It came into effect between 1990 and 2000 when laws were established to control and monitor the usage of technology in businesses. Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002 is one of them, also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act. This law prevents further technology scams, like Enron, from happening in the future.

Which Companies Should Have IT Governance?

There are three types of companies that should implement the framework. Companies that need to adhere to certain rules and regulations, a control body helps them to stay on track. If your company has business models based on productivity and continuous upgrades, you require IT governance. If any company has IT operations that are well established, they need to maintain that through governance.

What Are the Core Governance Values?

There are basically five core values related to IT governance:

  • Risks – They can topple a company, so there should be enough standards to control situations that could lead to risks.
  • Appropriateness – The rules and regulations should be appropriate for the company.
  • Conduct – The management should implement governance in a way that it improves the conduct of the organization’s business dealings.
  • Setup – While establishing IT governance, you should implement it step by step to increase the chance of acceptance.
  • Automation – Finally, it should be a setup that enables the workforce and be inclusive rather than demanding.

How Is IT Management Different from IT Governance?

Governance investigates the strategies, offers guidance, and concentrates on priorities. A governance committee basically includes stakeholders and professionals from IT and non-IT backgrounds. They evaluate and alleviate risk and help in adhering to rules.

Management includes looking after the daily IT operations—activities, choices, applications, and approaches. The committee consists of technical professionals that ensure that the IT systems and software work optimally for timely service delivery.

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