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4 Tips to Improve ROI on Automation

In automation, the ultimate goal for many is robotic process automation (RPA). But even for those who enthusiastically pursue RPA, the results do not always live up to expectations. In several cases, it could be that businesses are just trying to automate the wrong things. One reason for this is that operational team leaders, given the task of selecting processes for automation, may only be knowledgeable of the processes in their own line of business. Thus, they select processes for automation that they know will help them but not necessarily the larger organization. Businesses must be mindful of such risks, and in an article for the Enterprisers Project, Rajesh Kamath touches upon four tips to improve the ROI on automation:

  1. Educate your teams.
  2. Examine your internal processes.
  3. Provide strong direction on business priorities.
  4. CIO and COO should drive close cooperation.

Louder Returns

Achieving RPA begins with properly educating operational teams on what RPA is and its potential value. Provide contextual training on automation and bot use so they have a working foundational knowledge. Meanwhile, take a process inventory, activity analysis, and cost/value mapping exercise as it pertains to RPA. Toward that end, Kamath makes this recommendation:

Set up a small working team, with participation from each group within Operations. Nominate a coordinator from each group – typically a group leader or team manager. Conduct a workshop at the group level to build the process inventory, identify candidate processes, and drive buy-in. Your automation partners are likely to have accelerators – questionnaires, scorecards etc. – that can help you speed up this activity.

While collaboration is of course a great thing, ultimately, leaders should get the final say on decisions. This is typically necessary to ensure continued alignment with business priorities. And speaking of which, the CIO and COO should work in tandem to reap the fullest results from automation. Kamath says the CIO and COO should even forge a “war room” with third-party automation partners and set the path there.

For further elaboration on these insights, you can view the original article here:

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