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6 Tips to Recover from IT Governance Knowledge Gap

Lack of in-depth knowledge among executive leadership has led to poor IT governance framework. The irony is, 87% of executives are leading digital initiatives in their company. In this article at TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco Rayome shares 6 tips to recover from IT governance knowledge gap.

Strengthening Organizational IT Governance

57% of executives confirm increased technological investments. 42% claim investing in new technologies, and 37% report hiring resources to manage these advanced technologies. However, one-third of the respondents reveal that organizations do not have any or relevant IT governance policies in place. Organizations say resource unavailability (26%), cost (21%), and executives’ lack of IT governance knowledge (19%) are the main reasons. Deloitte Consulting LLP principal and consulting leader Doug Beaudoin insists companies have strong strategies for technological challenges and prospects. Following are the 6 tips to recover from IT governance knowledge gap:

  1. Upgrading Framework: Update the IT governance framework and provide insight into cost control, risk management, etc.
  2. Risk Related to Employees: Identify risks that your employees can bring into the picture. Build policies around them and conduct training sessions to avoid, detect, and alert threats when necessary.
  3. Client and Third-Party Relationships: Make your clients and vendors come to a common agreement about how they should address threats.
  4. Contingency Plan: Create a contingency plan to respond to threats sooner. Log the threats and set up communication channels to reach out for reference and approvals as soon as possible.
  5. Process Enhancement: Improve your IT governance processes by planning response flow within cross-functional departments.
  6. Zero-Trust Model: This asks for authentication and validation every time an individual wants to access sensitive data. It is more failproof as it does not allow anyone to access all the folders based on hierarchy or frequency of visits.

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