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Get Your IT Service Desk FCR Back on Track with 5 Tips

First contact resolution (FCR) measures IT service desk performance when an end user first contacts the agents. Improvement in this KPI reflects positively on other KPIs like customer satisfaction (CSAT). In this article at, Saad Mousliki discusses 5 tips to get your IT service desk FCR back on track.

Improving IT Service Desk FCR

FCR counts the percentage of requests that you resolve without escalating to the upper level. It improves KPI results like cost per contact, time to resolve, and CSAT. On the flipside, it can also provoke negative agent behaviors. Following are the tips to get positive IT service desk FCR:

Understanding FCR: It is necessary to prioritize IT service desk candidates that have the required technical know-how. New hires should undergo training. They need to understand organizational expectations, common escalations, popular IT services, SLA goals, and relationships among customer-centric KPIs.

Better Access to the Knowledge Base: IT service desk FCR can increase significantly if you create a strong knowledge base to support the agents. While on the call with a user, they must have online access to FAQs and articles to take actions sooner. Encourage support technicians to share their experience with agents with assistance from problem and knowledge managers. Rewarding desktop technicians, system engineers, and developers that share knowledge can improve IT service desk FCR.

Equipping with Relevant Tools: Give agents the relevant tools to address customer problems. Provide remote access tools with local accounts that can access customer laptops and install or uninstall applications for them. Create a profile that allows desk agents to reset customer passwords and privilege settings. Establish read-only access to check networked applications and services.

Reward the Aligned Behavior: Monitor IT service desk FCR performance as per agents to recognize efforts and reward for demonstrating a positive attitude. There will be a positive improvement when good performance gets rewarded monetarily through bonuses and pay hikes.

Pushing to Do Better: Track the IT service desk FCR by comparing the ratings between previous and current months. Identify the improvement areas and push the team to perform better by creating an actionable plan. Include level 1 agents as well the upper level in this improvement strategy. Automate operations and processes wherever possible.

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