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How AI Can Transform the IT Service Desk

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another word for disruption and is soon going to change the way IT service desk works. As per technology adoption, you should be on top of things and have the right drive for successful implementation. Know what Akhil Sahai says about AI’s ability to transform IT service desk in this article at

IT Service Desk and AI

When AI implementation is inevitable, understand its influence on IT service desk and relevance to your business. Following are the updates desk managers must be aware of:

AI Is Not Automation: Managers at the IT service desk should not use artificial intelligence and automation interchangeably. While automation is streamlining repetitive tasks, AI simulates a human brain. Automation follows instructions embedded in an algorithm whereas AI can come up with outcomes even from unstructured data. Intelligent machines learn from previous patterns but automation depends on your instructions. In fact, chatbots are nothing but a set of algorithms. So, IT desk managers should be careful before investing in such applications.

Intelligent Benefits: Artificial intelligence can help bring about changes in the ITSM workspace in terms of tools and process implementation. Chatbots and digital assistants can free up desk agents by automating email responses. Artificial intelligence can also categorize tickets and forward them to agents which improves resolution time. AI-backed self-service portals can collect relevant knowledge and resolve tickets raised by the customers without frequent human intervention.

Getting Ready for the Transformation: IT desk managers must understand the capability differences between various emerging technologies. Companies should invest in them based on business requirements only and for long-term benefits. IT desk managers can do the following to reap benefits from AI deployments in ITSM:

  • Avoid making digital initiatives a siloed approach, a mistake made by early adopters.
  • Hire and maintain resources with relevant skills and aptitude.

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