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What Is Project Governance? Get Expert Insights

Project governance goes beyond a group of people controlling all project activities. For seamless implementations, conversations regarding roles and responsibilities integral to the process is a must. In this article at Strategy Execution, Susanne Madsen provides real insights to project governance.

Misconceptions Around Project Governance

The complexity of the project governance compels people associated with it to bear certain misconceptions as provided below:

  • The project manager does not know who the sponsor is.
  • The member strength of the steering committee changes frequently.
  • The topics for conversation in meetings between the team members and steering committee members are similar.
  • The steering committee would sit with all departments in quarterly meetings. So, it has less time to understand each project challenges and opportunities.
  • The committee members prefer hearing progress and evade any talks regarding project risks and issues.

Corrective Measures:

For effective project governance, assign a sponsor that can appoint the right skills and experiences for your steering committee. Meanwhile, project managers should know when to take decisions without waiting for senior management approvals always.

  1. Streamlining Processes: For smooth project progress, establish a strong project governance framework at the very beginning. Along with sponsors, the steering committee must have suppliers and product users that are sound decision-makers. Project managers must know the chief decisionmakers, the proper channel for escalation, steering committee members, and their role during meetings.
  2. Setting Up Expectations for Senior Leaders: To capitalize on project governance processes, project managers must proactively explain their expectations to sponsors. Conduct steering committee meetings, if need be, to get executive buy-ins.
  3. Communication for Faster Step Implementation: Though managers are not experts or work directly on the products, they should remove all obstacles for the team. Include the following in your steering committee presentations to benefit from project governance processes:
  4. RAG status
  5. A visual timeline that includes major phases and milestones
  6. Project wins and team achievements since the last meeting
  7. Actionable items from past meetings and future project milestones
  8. Ten critical project risks and issues
  9. Pending decisions from committee members
  10. A high-level view of project scope changes post-approval
  11. Budget estimate comparison

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