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3 Hidden Factors That Incur Cost After Buying a Service Management Software

Buying a service management software online is easy. You can find out the top service providers, list the offered services and functionality, view demos—all online. However, if you do not think through things, these easily available applications can cost you more over the years. In this article at Service Desk Show, Eric Wright discusses factors that incur costs after buying service management software.

Hidden Service Management Software Costs

Before buying a service management software, you must consider several factors. Some of them are ‘functionality, integration, support, upgrade paths,’ etc. Consider the following factors that could incur cost after buying the service management software:

Increasing Users: While buying service management software, you expect it to last for at least 3 to 5 years. Find out how much it would cost to add a user after crossing the user inclusion limit for the software. Though the monthly package seems economical, this type of extra hidden expenditure can ultimately cost you more.

Charged Even Though Not Using Services: You do not need all the services that come in the service management solution package. The more unused services you have, the more you are paying. Do not click on the feature checkboxes if you do not need them.

Paying Extra for Relevant Services: This is quite a common advertising strategy for service management application vendors. They attract you with standard features that you can add only after coughing up extra dollars.

Offering No Consultancy: Even when you have faith in the in-house resources, the service vendors can have better solutions. So, do not believe that you do not need assistance because the software is so simple. You will not get all the answers in the FAQ section. Moreover, you will be stuck with an expensive tool when you fail to customize properly.

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