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The Goals of the Future ITSM Professional

As customer and service experience become king in business, ITSM’s value is burning brighter than ever, since they know all about refining the service experience. A new white paper from AXELOS draws on the perspective of 330 ITSM professionals about where they think their role is headed in the future. Moving forward, it will be everyone’s job to have an eye on strategy.

The View Ahead

People are oddly starting to get used to technology wildly changing around them every few years or so, which means they are expecting service levels to evolve and improve at the same rate. Among survey respondents, 81 percent see other departments moving to a “service-based approach,” and 77 percent believe business units outside IT will soon be more involved in service governance, strategy, and design. In order to best assist, ITSM professionals will have to take a holistic view of the services rendered in their organizations. Ninety-two percent of respondents agree that they will need “much stronger strategic vision aligned to the wider business.”

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will take care of administrative work so IT can focus on strategy, and 77 percent believe AI and machine learning will have a “profound impact” on ITSM work. One element of strategy not to be forgotten is risk management, as 90 percent agree that new technologies will come with new risks. But another, huge part of strategy is the leadership part:

As service management becomes integral to every aspect of the business, ITSM professionals are in a position to guide the business through this change. This will require them to embrace the soft skills of communication, organizational change management, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and relationship building, among others. These skills will be put to use managing services that the customer, and therefore the organization, find of value. ITSM professionals of the future will be expected to drive positive business change; in order to do so, they will need to be visionary and proactive.

If we are being completely honest here, it was really not necessary to survey over 300 people to arrive at these conclusions, since the writing is already on the wall. But at least there seems to be consensus about ITSM’s potential and the challenges that still lie ahead. If so inclined, you can view the original report here (reg. req.):

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