IT Governance

Why Should You Communicate the Importance of Governance?

IT governance is often confused with implementing standards to report results and compliance. But IT governance is about implementing structure around how organizations align their IT strategy with their business strategy to achieve their strategic goals. IT governance is to implement effective ways to measure an enterprise’s IT performance. In this article at ISACA, Sunil Sheen discusses the importance of IT governance and explains the impact of poor IT governance on organizations.

Symptoms of Poor IT Governance

  • Executive management distancing themselves from the responsibilities of IT issues or investments
  • Significant gaps in competency requirements and IT training budgets
  • IT professionals unaware of business objectives or what business wants to achieve

Why is IT Governance Important?

IT governance helps an organization achieve the desired outcomes. It provides a focus on cost and allows effective communication between the providers and customers by establishing joint accountability for IT investments. Additionally, governance will enable leaders to actively improve the management and control IT activities within the organization. It also helps federal managers with the framework to manage all IT initiatives and demands and allows them to make informed decisions on IT initiatives.

How to Communicate the Importance of IT Governance?

As an IT leader, develop talking points to communicate the value proposition of data governance. Ensure to include the metrics and milestones in your talking points and share them with all IT governance representatives so that they can effectively communicate the value of data governance to relevant stakeholders and employees.

Keep IT governance messaging relevant and specific. To keep the value proposition relevant, you must:

  • Communicate the changes made to the data governance value proposition to all participants as a part of regular meetings
  • Review and update the value proposition where there is a change in leadership or state regulations that impact data collection and data use needs

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